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Developing a project from an idea or a concept requires experienced individuals who can listen to the details and organize them in a way that communicates the desired business vision.   Whether it involved new product development, designing a new process or plant, or just improving efficiency, I have had the opportunity to assist in bringing many projects to fruition.



The amount of effort spent on the Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) stage of a project pays dividends.  This is where I have the greatest expertise.  Analyzing and developing the essential components to the beginning of a project establishes the ultimate project scope and success.  This guide also establishes the understanding of function for all parties involved in the project.   



The Execution stage of a project requires strict attention to the cost and schedule.  The integrated team assigned to deliver must be focused and be able to adjust as progress happens.  The many moving parts of project execution require management and team players to realize long term goals but make short term interaction for success.  I have a tremendous amount of experience here. 



Commissioning is the most stressful stage of a project. Critical planning determines its ultimate success. Organization, leadership, and communications are the keys to insure a safe and positive project.  I know what it takes to make the smooth transition.  Let us extend our discussion on these details  together.




As owners transition from project mode to operations, priorities change to production and realizing the potential of our capital investments.  Balancing management expectations through staffing, scheduling, and maintenance need experienced guidance for future sustainability.  My working career has been in this environment.  I can assist in making sure all efficiencies match your goals. 


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